Waiver Request and FCFS.

First Come First Served (FCFS) Waivers

If your league contains at least one waiver window (defined as a time frame denoting the start and the end of the period) set up for FCFS, then any owner may pick up and/or drop players from their roster immediately as long as they are still in this waiver window.  While this is the easiest method of working with waivers, some leagues argue that it gives an unfair advantage to owners with more free time.


Select Players To Add - The left-hand window displays the free agent listing of all available players for your league.  In addition, the Show Only filter allows to change the display to a subset of players based on either position or NFL team.  Once highlighted, players will only be added when the 'Add Player>' button has been clicked.

Current Roster - The right-hand window lists a team's current roster.  Click on a player's name and the '<Drop Player' button to remove that player from the team.

Confirmation Window - Positioned below the button to "Perform Waivers" is a confirmation window.  This window will populate with the current, pending player adds and drops.  

NOTE: If your league has defined the rule (in Waivers Setup) to require all recently dropped players to be made unavailable for a period of time, then it's possible for a player to neither appear on any team's roster in the Rosters report and still not appear in the free agent list of players for pickup, but instead these players are listed on the Locked  Players report.  Once the time deadline has passed and the waivers screen has been refreshed, the players will reappear and be ready for pickup.

When finished, you MUST click on the Perform Waivers button in order to apply your changes.

Waiver Requests

If your league contains at least one waiver window (defined as a time frame denoting the start and the end of the period) set up as a waiver request period, then all franchise may make waiver request through the end of the period.  At this time the commissioner can Process Waivers to assign the proper players to the correct teams based on predefined criteria (such as Overall Record, etc). 

When making a waiver request, each team has the ability to request up to one player per waiver round (YFFL and YFFL Plus currently set up for 4 rounds).  Since it's quite possible that more than one team will vie for the same player, it's usually a good idea to make multiple, ordered requests for each round.  If team A has a higher waiver order than team B and they both request the same player, team A will be granted the player.  If team B submitted more than one request for this round, then the second request (if still available) will be granted.  There is no limit to how many waiver requests can be defined for each waiver round, but there's no reason to exceed the number of teams in the league.  (For example, in a 10 team league, the team with the lowest waiver order would at most need to define 10 players to pickup - usually much less.  Assuming all other 9 players were awarded to other franchises, this team will still get their 10th choice).

The system will award players such that each team that requests an available player will receive exactly one player in the waiver order before any team will receive a second player.  If the league is defined for the full 8 waiver rounds, then it's possible to acquire 8 new players within the single waiver window (there can be up to 5 waiver windows defined per week).

As most teams keep their roster at the maximum number of allowed players, they will always have to submit a player to drop as part of each waiver request.  Therefore a granted waiver request will both add a new player and drop and existing player from the team's roster.


Show Only - Use this filter to restrict the available free agents by position or team.

Select A Player - This is the free agent listing of players to choose from for acquisition.

Player To Drop - This list defaults to none, but can be changed to any available player on a teams roster.

Add To List - Once a player has been selected to add and another to drop (required in most cases), click on this button to add the combination to the team's waiver request list for the current waiver round.

Remove From List - Select this button to remove the currently highlighted waiver request from the list.

Move Pick Up - Click on this button to move the currently highlighted waiver request up one position in the request order.

Move Pick Down - Click on this button to move the currently highlighted waiver request down one position in the request order.

Comments - Add any comments for the commissioner to view when he/she has to Process Waivers.

Add All From Previous Round - Only available in Rounds 2 or later, this button will copy the "Players To Add" from the previous round.  If the "Player To Drop" is set to "(none)" then the system will copy the "Player To Drop" from the previous round.  Otherwise, it will define the newly selected Player To Drop for the current round.

Save Round xx Picks And Continue - Once all the waiver requests have been defined and ordered for a given round, click on this button to save them to the system and advance to the next round.  The screen will refresh with a summary of your waiver requests for the previous round and then repeat so you can enter waiver requests for the current round. 

NOTE: If the commissioner logs in to the league, he/she can never perform a waiver request.  Since they are the commissioner, they are only allowed to make actual waiver transactions so they will always see the FCFS waiver screen.  In order for a commissioner to make a waiver request, he/she will have to log out and log back in as the franchise owner.

When finished, you MUST click on the Save Round xx Picks And Continue button in order to apply your changes.