How to Draft.

Go to your leagues home page. Go to "For Owners" then click on "Live Draft Room".
This will enter you into the live draft room where everyone should go that is attending the live draft.

On left you will see a section that has Pick #, Franchise name, their selection and time.
Below that is where you can choose the player you pick. You can show all players or you can do it according to position.
You are also able to have the names come up in alphabetical order or by draft tracker order.
When its your turn and you have the player name you want in the drop down box you can click on "Pick", but only do this when it is your turn.
Below that is the draft timer.
On the right side of the page there is a section for league chat or messages. It will also tell you who is all present in a drop down menu.
Below that is a section for draft links. To use these draft links your browser must allow pop up windows.

If you have used the old interface your are welcome to use that if you don't like this set up. Just click on "Classic live draft" in the Draft links section.