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We expect all members of the league to be polite and gracious to one another. Although good humor, trash talk and light-hearted fun are strongly encouraged - Obscenities, threats and communications of derogative nature are strictly prohibited, and may lead to penalties at the discretion of your commissioner. Continual violation of this rule may lead to removal from the league and loss of all entry fee, prizes and holdings.

Trash talk and all good humor is welcomed on the message board. However, the commissioner reserves the right to remove any messages posted on the message board deemed inappropriate, derogative, abusive, threatening or simply non productive to the league's atmosphere.


It should go without saying, any form of purposeful cheating is strictly prohibited. Cheating or abuse may result in penalties that could range from a warning; an automatic game loss; or even the loss of any Fees, Holdings and/or Prizes. You may also be removed from the League. Cheating consist of, but not necessarily limited to:

Owning more than 1 team on a league: One person can not control more than one team in the same league. Violation of this will lead to cancellation of the teams and expulsion from the league. If an owner finds himself in this situation due to accident, he should e-mail the Commissioner immediately and explain the situation.

Collusive transactions: Collusion occurs when one team makes moves to benefit another team, without trying to improve its own position. One-sided trades are an obvious example of this. Another example is a player drop made so another team can pick up that player. Teams found in violation of this policy will result in trade reversal and may be subject to league removal, and prohibited from participating in the League in future seasons.

Roster Dumping: Owners that are found to have dumped their players to the player pool in an attempt to undermine the league may be subject to expulsion from the League. Players will be returned to this team, at the commissionerís discretion, and may include reversal of other trades and WW transactions that affect other GM's that have picked up 'dumped' players. If you are giving up on the season, we ask that you maintain league strength by providing the other owners with the most competitive team you are able to field. If you are no longer going to participate, notify your commissioner immediately. Leaving the league before the end of the season will result in loss of all entry fees, prizes and holdings.

The end of the season is considered last week of the regular NFL season (currently week 17).


Another form of Roster Dumping:
Starting multiple players on IR/Out or bye weeks can be considered "Cheating". Reason being is that by doing this it is considered that you are meaning to lose or help other teams by letting them win.
We do understand once in a while a team may start a player on bye week because of not wanting to drop any other certain players. However, if this is done from week to week then it is obvious that was not the intention of the team.

If this is done consecutively manner (week after week) it will be considered cheating which can result in immediate removal from the league, loss of entry fee, prizes and holdings.



All league fee's must be paid prior to kick off of week 1of the NFL. Check your league calendar to see when week 1 is starting. If you are unable to pay the league fee prior to kick off of week 1 you may contact your commish to make payment arrangements or to just have some additional time to pay the league fee.
With all arrangements the deadline for league fee's will be no later then kick off of week 9. If your league fee has not been paid your team may be considered a 'Dead Team'. If your team becomes a 'Dead Team' there may be additional consequences' of losing your draft position for the next season regardless on how you finished the prior season. You will automatically be dropped to the last position in the snake draft and loose 4 spots in the keeper draft for a penalty.
You may also be assessed a 'Dead Team Penalty fee' if no payment was made prior to kickoff of week 17 in the NFL (final regular season game).


All of the above maybe together or may just be one. This will depend on your communication with the commish and following through on any statements you may have made and/or reasons on why the league fee was not paid on time. The commish(s) and accounting department will look at each situation personally before deciding on the penalty or if there should even be one. To help avoid all penalties stay active in communications and take the initiative by contacting the commish(s) so they do not have to always contact you since you are the one responsible for getting the payment in on time. To pay the league fee go to


Any team that is declared a 'dead team' by the commissioner due to lack of putting in a starting lineup repeatedly (such as leaving/quiting the league before the end of the season) and/or failure to respond to communication attempts (3 attemps) for payment of league fee will be run by a "Replacement" if available. Violation of this rule may lead to removal from the league and loss of all entry fee, prizes and holdings. If a "Replacement" is unavailable, the commish will place the lineup in accordingly on a week to week basis and make a note in the comments section. Leaving the league before the end of the season will result in loss of all entry fees, prizes and holdings.
The end of the season is considered last week of the regular NFL season (currently week 17).


A team may be considered a 'dead team' if they fail to pay the league by the set date or by the payment arrangements that were set between the team and the commish. If no payment was made for the prior season and that team wishes to return to the league or join any other YFFL leagues then any prior seasons league fee, current season league fee, and a 'Dead Team Penalty fee' must be paid in full 3 days prior to getting access to the league(s) and prior to kickoff of the 2nd NFL Pre-Season week.

A team that has the commish as the owner may "not" engage in Trades with other owners. However, the commish may utilize the Waiver Wire to keep the team as competitive as possible. Once a replacement owner is in place, this team may:  engage in trades, participate in the playoffs, and the new owner is able to receive *half of any winnings this team may earn.


*The replacement owner may receive 1/2 of any winnings for this team if the replacement owner pays half of a league fee ($15 for YFFL, $25 for YFFL Plus) prior to week 4. If a replacement owner takes over after week 4 then the payment of half the league fee must be received with in 6 days after they are emailed the team log-in information.


If there is no replacement owner and the commish finishes out the regular season with that team then it becomes a dead team and may not participate in playoffs or league winnings. This will be handed to the next team in line.


Dead Team Penalty fee: The penalty fee is half of that leagues normal fee.
*Example: If the league you are in has a league fee of $30 per season the the "Dead Team Penalty fee" is $15 (Half of the league fee on top of the current season fee and any prior seasons that may be owed.)



If you have a grievance with another member, a rule or ruling, or any other issue - contact the and give a chance to resolve it quietly without making an unnecessary public spectacle. Most problems can be resolved by your commissioner/league owner to a mutual beneficial solution. Any outcome that needs to be expressed to the league should be done so by the commissioner/league owner. If you fail to reach a satisfactory conclusion with the commissioner, and have given the commissioner every opportunity to reach such a conclusion, you may appeal the issue to the League owner. The League owner's decision is final.



All GM's are responsible for knowing and adhering to all rules as specified in the league Rules section.  Upon paying your entry fee you acknowledge and agree to abide by all rules as stipulated here.  You also agree to rules of conduct, and agree to defer interpretation and rules of any issues made unclear to the commish and league owner.


Rules changes that take place "during" a season should be rare and only when unavoidable.  In this event, such changes will be posted clearly for all league GM's to see.  Rules changes that take place during the off-season will be posted in advance.


Changes or modifications to these rules may ONLY be done by the league owner. We encourage ideas and the discussion/debate of ideas and take all suggestions from our returning owners very seriously. Owners may submit requested changes to the commissioner, which may lead to a league wide vote.  The league owner reserves the right to veto this change and alter the time and scope of its implementation - based upon fairness to all owners and the mission of the league as stated.




7. YFFL.NET'S RIGHTS reserves the right to change or modify these "General League Rules" at anytime. If this does occur then there will be a posting on the Home page.