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Since provides daily photo's for free and does not require any fee's to have the code placed on our website, have basically the same initials as this sites if you added "Leagues" to the end of their name as well as the kind of service they provide to the youth generation using for their choice of Fantasy Football providers which is the same as we figured we should give them a page of their own with information telling you about their excellent service that they have to offer.
This will not go into depth on what they all have like rules and how the leagues are formed by ages, but it will be the basics that will tell you enough to get you started to understand how they operate or to pass the word about them the any youth that you may know that is interested in fantasy football that does not like the formats that Yahoo, or sites like that have their set ups. One thing that was noticed while making this section for them was the fact that they will provide help any youth that is a member in one of their leagues! With the way it looks this would be personal help, not any automated or a frequently asked question page that could confuse a new younger fantasy football team owner. This is something that you will not see in 99% of the leagues out there.

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It may seem obvious, but it's very important for to make it clear what YOUTH FANTASY FOOTBALL is. It's a no-cost site devoted to the younger fans of both of our hobbies. There is not adult or play-for-pay leagues at! That's no joke! it is for fun for youths ages 10 to 18.

Why do they want you to know this? Because their site involves

a great deal of effort, and you deserve to know not only what that effort consist of, but how you would benefit as a YouthFF member. You also deserve to know what their site is not. All members are strongly urged to maintain their teams with only minor adult assistance. accepts all youths ages 10 to 18 for no-cost Fantasy Football activity. Members are assigned to leagues by age and experience level to create competitive groupings. They will do everything to help you get the most enjoyment by sharing our and their hobby with you. has three simple purposes.

Make it easy for you to be active in a no-cost league that has equal aged youth members.
Provide a positive format where the hobby can be learned and shared among peers.
Promote fantasy sports as a long term hobby. It involves a combination of skills that can take many seasons to master. 

You are invited view their setup and rules by visiting their leagues . And, you may certainly contact the Commissioner, if you have any questions.

Note: To enroll in you have to contact the commissioner and provide the following:
Your First and Last name
Your age as of September 1st
Your email address
That referred you


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