YFFL Line-ups and Starters

Snake Draft

Also known as a serpentine draft, an S-draft. For the YFFL Plus round is completely random and is not show the proper order until after the Free Agent Keeper Draft is done. Round 2 is the reverse order and copies it to all subsequent even-numbered rounds.  It then reverse this order and copies this reversed order to all odd-numbered rounds.

To get to your leagues draft page go to your league.
In the drop down menu go to: For Owners -> Draft
For the live Draft go to: For Owners -> Live Draft Room

It is recommended you visit both of these before the live draft takes place so you get use to the controls on picking players and other things as well.

The draft will run in reverse order of last ears finish. This means the last place team will start round 2 and the first place team will end round 2. Round 3 is the beginning of the S format, so it will be reverse order of round 2.

How do I pre-draft?

Answer: If your league is holding an on-line draft then you can use this feature to help pick your players prior to your turn and help speed along the draft. This is also useful if you are not able to draft for a future round. You can enter your pre-draft picks for that round and the system will choose the highest priority player.

Please note that Pre-draft picks are selected for you as soon as it is your turn to pick in the draft. To have a compiled list for your draft in which you, the owner, can make your own picks, but are not picked from immediately please use the My Draft List

Pre-Draft Picks – Round 1
  1. Go to the For Owners > Draft.
  2. From the Player To Add: list, highlight the player in which you would like to add to your Pre-draft List. You can filter players on this available fantasy free agent list by using the “Show Only” pull-down box to obtain a subset of the list (by position or NFL team).
  3. Click the Add To List> button.
  4. Continue steps 2. and 3. above for any pick you’d like to attempt in the round. Keep in mind, adding more players will increase your chances for getting a player in that round.
  5. Once players are added, highlight the individual players and use the Move Pick Up or Move Pick Down buttons to prioritize them in the order which you would like them drafted. You may also use the
  6. After prioritizing your list you MUST click the Save These Picks and Continue button save your picks for that round and receive confirmation.

Pre-Draft Picks – Round 2 (Subsequent Rounds)

Once Round 1 picks are saved successfully you will be ready to make picks for Round 2. Round 1 Saved picks will appear at the top of the Pre-Draft page.
  1. Optionally, you can choose the “Add All From Previous Round>>” button to add all players from Round 1 to your Round 2 Draft.
  2. Now repeat steps 2 through 6 from Pre-Draft Picks – Round 1 to add your picks for subsequent rounds.

Pre-Draft Future Rounds

In the event that you will not be available for future rounds of drafting during a live draft you have the option to Pre-draft those rounds.
  1. Go to For Owners > Draft.
  2. Choose at the round that you would like to make a pick for at the bottom of the Page from the drop down field listed next to the “Or, you may go immediately to:” XX Be sure to click the “Now!” button to move to that round of picks.
  3. Follow steps 2 through 6 in Pre-Draft Picks – Round 1.