YFFL Line-ups and Starters

YFFL Plus Line-ups and Starters

This page will show you what is needed for the size of the roster per team, starting line-ups on a weekly basis.

Setting Line Ups and Teams

Each Team will have 19 players. You decide on which positions you want to hold.

For submitting the weekly line-ups you will need to start at least:

1 QB
1 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 PK
1 DL (DE or DT)
1 LB
1 DB (CB or S)

1 flex between RB or WR
1 defensive flex for any defensive position


line ups can look like for offense:

1 QB                   1 QB
2 RB                    1 RB
2 WR                   3 WR
1 TE                    1 TE
1 PK                    1 PK

for defense is easy:
1 for each position and then 1 flex of any defensive position

and one non-starter for Tie Breakers