YFFL Line-ups and Starters


The keeper draft is a manual draft done prior to each season. Each team picks their 2 tag players that stay on their team. Then they pick 2 Free Agents that go up against each other. When a team picks one of your players the other is returned to your team. This draft is always done in the message board of the current season.
When the FA Draft is being done please check in as often as you can, when it is your turn reply to the commishes original post on what player you are drafting. As players are picked and returned to teams they will be either crossed off the list or completely removed from the choices.

FT (Franchise Tag): Pick 1 player from any position for your primary keeper.
ET (Extra Tag): Pick 1 player from Defense or Kicker for your secondary keeper. No offensive players. Positions to choose from DE, DT, LB, CB, S
FA (Free Agent): You must pick 2 players for the FA (Keeper) Draft. These players can be from any position. Keep in mind when choosing your players if you put up bad players you will get one of those bad players back and you can not pick up a player until waivers are accepted. So during some years you may have that player using a roster spot at the beginning of the season.
The best way to put up FA's s try to get the 2 closes ranked players (after you select your FT & ET) to go against each other. This way you will get someone decent back in return.

When picking your players for the FA (Keeper) Draft keep in mind you can not list more then 2 players from one position.
The FA players are combined with the FT & ET keepers.

Examples of Not Correct and Correct with positions with FT, ET, and FA's combined. (used WR's as primary choices)
NOT correct:
FT Moss, Randy NEP WR
ET Barnett, Nick GBP LB
FA Owens, Terrell DAL WR
FA Johnson, Chad CIN WR


FT Johnson, Chad CIN WR
ET Barnett, Nick GBP LB
FA Moss, Randy NEP WR
FA Brady, Tom NEP QB

Keeper Limit Rule

When FT's, ET's & FA's are selected they have a 3 year shelf life.
Once a player has been determined a keeper for their first year something will be put along side his name in the draft column. Something like "FT (K) 08" for the Franchise Tag (Keeper) for 2008 or for the FA Keeper Draft it would look like "FA-R (K) 08" for Free Agent Returned (Keeper) for 2008 and so on with the other keeper positions.
If you trade a player in his 2nd year as a keeper that Limit Tag will follow him until his 3 years are up. After that 3rd year (beginning of the 4th year) the player must be put back into the regular (snake format) draft. This is the same as if the player is dropped, the tag still follows until the player is actually in another regular draft.
In general the only way the 3 year limit will reset to 0 years is by re-drafting that player in the regular (snake format) draft. The FA Draft is still considered as keepers.